2000 Years Ago

Rescue is an awesome group and almost all their songs are awesome as well:

Three crosses stood on a hill
An unmistakable message of intent to kill
To those who were watching, to those who could see
The Christ was to die there on Calvary

He had to bear all the torture and unearthly pain
They ridiculed and mocked Him but He loved them just the same
When it was all over they realized what they’d done
They had just killed God’s only son

Two thousand years ago they put His cross in the ground
Two thousand years ago His blood flowed down
And though my foolish heart finds it hard to believe
Two thousand years ago, He was thinking of me

He knew it would happen though He told them not when
God with us would perish to save us from sin (sin)
The feeling was heavy, the crowd’s voice was raised
When His life ended our souls were saved

And now when I look at that time
I can scarcely imagine the degree of the crime
I’d like to think myself a disciple crying out loud
But I know from my own life, I’d be in the crowd


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