Who Are You?

Who are you? No, really, who are you? Are you Adam the First? Or Isaac of Abraham? Are you Julius Caesar? I know you are not Adrian Peterson, or Alex Rodriguez? But could you be George Washington…..nah. Most likely not Michael Jackson…Bill Gates?? Ha, let me see your car!

We are all somebody. And I do not mean somebody as in someone who is famous and popular, or has special talents. We are somebody in that, we are special to God, and we each have our own unique DNA and story. But the problem is that we all want to be somebody. We want people to chase after us.

Insecurity. Who am I? This is a question I struggle with, and it is usually a subconscious struggle. I get this idea that if I can score touchdowns like Adrian Peterson, or win battles like Julius Caesar, or have popularity like Michael Jackson, or have wealth like Bill Gates, I will be somebody. I will be secure. I will be established and famous. People will want my autograph, they will want my picture, they will chase me like I mean the world to them. If I had all this, I would need nothing more. If I had everything, I would not need anything. I would not need God.

I would not need God. The last time a civilization decided they did not need God…well, they Babbled.

But the plain and simple of it all–is Christ. If I am a Christian, I do not need anything else. I will be exactly where I want to be. I DO need God. If I would just rely on God’s bountiful supply (that rhymes by the way) I would not need anything else. I would be content. If I was content with Christ, I would be content.

My identity is not in the things of this world, so, who am I? I am not sports, I am not knowledge, I am not fitness, I am not maturity, I am not fame, I am not music, I am not mechanics, I am not money–I am a Christian, which means: I am a follower of JESUS CHRIST! That is who I am. I need no other plea! I am a child of God, and in THAT I stake my claim. In THAT I place my identity. You ask me who I am? I am, unreservedly, unashamedly and most definitely a Christian (definition: little Christ/follower of Jesus Christ).

If I had an official Kingdom of God identification card, it would read something like this:

Name: Christopher Daniel Witmer
D.O.B: October, 2004
Country: Kingdom of Christ
Son of the King

Our significance lies in Christ’s significance.

May you rest in His significance,



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