He Did it For You

I wonder how often I have read the gospels, and more specifically the Crucifixion story, and merely stored it up in the old brain as simple information?

I think this is a common mistake. It seems hard to transfer the severity of the situation from mere facts and apologetics to an actual belief and conviction of the heart. From a story, to a way of life.

But it just struck me–or maybe I should say He struck me.

As Jesus was dying on the cross, it was not that He just thought: “I am doing this for the world.” But as they drove those nails into his wrists, He was thinking, “That one is for Christopher.” He did it for me.

And He wasn’t just thinking of me, He was thinking of everybody! He was thinking of my neighbor, the President, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, even the dude I passed on the street and the homeless guy under the bridge.

People, this is phenomenal! As the Creator of the universe was “dying” at the hands of His creation, He was thinking of His creation. He was thinking of US!

Imagine it. Basically, when we sin (whatever it may be, no matter how big), we are re-driving the nails through His wrist, we are killing Him all over again. And He says, “That was for you.”

If that isn’t love…



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