“Those Guys”—Happen to be God’s Kids

As I caught the rebound of my basketball, a whiff of tobacco came my way from the picnic tables. I looked over and saw that it was those guys. Yeah, the stereotypical 16-year-old cigarette smokin’ guys–you know the kind.

But what about those guys. Doesn’t God love them too? How can I reject these guys because of their lifestyle, when no one has ever showed them a different one? I have a good family. They probably have multiple bad families.

Jesus is standing in Heaven, telling His people, “LOOK! I have children down there! Can’t you see them? I died for these kids! They’re lost and all alone. They’re lives are broken! DO something!”

Can we just stand back and say, “Hey, I serve a powerful God. If He wants these guys to change, He’ll make it happen.” The problem is, He is making it happen. If you are a Christian and you see “the least of these”, He is making it happen. If we ignore “the least of these”, we are ignoring Christ.

I am no longer content to just look on and criticize with clean and unscathed hands. I have clean hands now, but they better be dirty when I stand before Jesus–who’s hand’s were pierced for these kids.



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