A mom is security, love and support;

She knows what you’re about, both inside and out.

You tell her the latest, the good and the bad,

And caringly she listens to the heart of the sad.

From childhood to grown up

She’s there in the midst.

She’s everything that matters

Like a precious jewel she sparkles and shimmers.

But you take her for granted.

Yet her love is not lessened,

Diminished or slanted—

It’s within her deeply planted.

And then,

You wake up and find,

The gem afore spoken

Sits there and is broken;

She’s moaning and groaning

And running out of time.

Oh what I would do,

Looking back with regret,

To whisper her name again and again.

To sing her sweet songs.

Oh how I do long

To shout with my life


I would tear down the sky

Just to say one last good-bye.

To hug her and kiss her

And let her see me cry.

The tears run so easy

Like never before,

She loved us so much—

Why didn’t I love her more?

But now she is gone,

Taken beyond,

To a land without shadow

A place that is hallow.

She’s traveled to Heaven

She’s taken to Jesus

And Jesus can love her

‘Cause He’s the true lover.

And though I can’t see it,

And hardly believe it:

I rest in this promise

For I know He will keep it.



6 thoughts on “Mom

  1. This is a beautiful tribute, Christopher! I hear your love and regret…
    As a mother, may I speak for your mother?
    I know my children love and respect me. They don’t tell me every day. Most days are simply normal days when they go about the business of life and I watch them with love and motherly pride. I yearn for them to experience joy, growth, success ~ and when they do; I experience it as well. When I’m gone, I want them to remember the fact that we loved each other in the normal days. I don’t want them to remember their own imperfections while forgetting mine. I don’t want them to feel a second’s worth of guilt/regret for what they see as imperfection on their part…
    Your mother knows how much you love her. She knew it when she was here and she knows it now! I think if she could, she would say; “Oh Christopher! It’s OK!!!” (And she would LOVE your poem!)
    Praying for you this weekend.


  2. Thanks for sharing your heart again Christopher! I understand your feelings. I wish I could have been a better husband to her too. But just remember, you made your mother proud, as did all her children. You are a living example of honor to her! I know. I knew your mother well!! And Kathy says it perfectly. That’s what Mom felt too. I LOVE you son!!!


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