los angeles evening Bible camp

For those of you interested, this is a post by my brother Asher. about the Evening Bible Camps we do here in northeast LA. Please pray for us!

all-out sprint for Christ

In 2008 three hundred thousand (300,000) children, in LA alone, lived in communities where walking to school put their life at risk. Those of us who live in North East Los Angeles live in some of the worst of those communities and many of the families that we relate with are from those communities.

Last year during our annual Evening Bible Camp 203 children came and were a part of our camp for at leas part of an evening. Grant it, only 25 came regularly enough to win a Green Machine EBC T-shirt as a reward for regular attendance. But, many of those 203 children that we got to know at least briefly come from communities where gun-shots are heard weekly, dope is smoked publicly, and their families are made up of a bunch of “half’s.”

Next Monday we begin the 2013 Evening Bible Camp at Rio De Los Angeles…

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