Worship Is Living

Here is a recent article I wrote for the Rebelution. Check it out if you can.

“God gives us dreams and desires and He likes to see us set goals and pursue excellence (maybe this is doing hard things and developing personally). 

But as we pursue excellence we must remember to maintain a spirit of worship. We must pursue excellence as an expression of worship to God, as means of communicating to God that He is all that matters to us and we will give everything to serve Him.

If developing personally becomes more important to us than worshiping God, then we have a wrong focus (not necessarily wrong actions, but wrong focus).

In reality, personal growth is a lessening of ourselves and an abounding of Him in our lives. And the only reason we need personal growth is so that we can be more effective in the kingdom of God.

If in pursuing excellence we are not building the kingdom of God, we are wasting time, because our sole purpose in life is to build God’s kingdom by glorifying Him (worship).

The greatest tool we have for building the kingdom is not our tracts, our eloquence, or our talents, but our lives. When we go about our lives in constant worship of the Almighty, ministry happens.

If we are committed to following Christ [worshiping God] it will not be difficult to find hard things to do. Following Christ will invariably involve following Him right into hard things.”

Read the rest of the article: Worship Is Living.


2 thoughts on “Worship Is Living

  1. As the disciples said to Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray,” so I find myself saying, “Lord, teach me to truly worship!”

    You have done a good job here Christopher in getting us headed in the right direction. The following thoughts particularly have stirred my spirit:

    1) “… a lessening of ourselves and an abounding of Him…” Yes! I desperately want this in my life.

    2) “… our ultimate goal: we are alive for God’s pleasure.” Please Lord! Help me to remember this.

    3) “When we go about our lives in constant worship of the Almighty, ministry happens.” Somehow I believe this is really the only kind of ministry that is. The rest is a waste of our time, and others. So Lord, again… help me to focus my LIFE upon you in everyday worship and minister to you from that context.


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