I’m Angry at God | The Rebelution

I wrote the following article for the Rebelution dot com. I praise God for the way He works and leads. It was a very vulnerable piece for me to write, but the response has been OVERWHELMINGLY uplifting and encouraging, through the comments, emails, and messages I have gotten. I don’t deserve it, but I am grageful that God can use me even in my brokenness. As one song says: “You make beautiful things out of the dust; You make beautiful things out of us.” I want to allow God to bring beauty out of my dirt, no matter how hard it is.

“‘I just feel so dead. I am so torn up inside. Worthless. Believing lies [and] feeling incapable of believing truth. But I just have to. I am desperate. Angry. I need God yet I feel extremely angry at God. I feel hopeless. This battle never ends. I just want to die.’

I penned these words in my journal not two years ago, not nine months ago, but yesterday and they expressed what I wanted to scream at God in that moment — and I did when I was alone.

I’m not proud of it, but I cannot deny: I’m angry at God.

Pain, lots of pain—and anger—along with frustration, confusion, and despair pretty much describe my relationship with God right now. Sounds really Christian doesn’t it? Aren’t Christians supposed to abide in the love of God and rest in His peace?

I wish I could supply some answers. I like to have my life under control. I like to know what is going on. I hate struggle. If something is bothering me, I like to know why and I like to deal with it. I hate confusion. I hate not knowing which way is up.

But God has chosen to devastate my life like an eruption devastates a volcano. And this frustrates me. It makes me angry that He took my Mom in a car accident nine months ago. I resent the feeling of disconnect from God that I feel. I can’t sleep well; it’s hard to concentrate on work.”

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2 thoughts on “I’m Angry at God | The Rebelution

  1. Thank you so much for writing this post and all your posts. I live at an orphanage in Uganda as a Missionary Kid. Two months ago, one of our little girls passed away. It has literally been one of the hardest things I have ever gone through in my life. I found this post on the Rebelution blog and was encouraged and comforted. I followed the link here to your blog and have just been very encouraged by all your posts. Thank you for being so real, honest and open about your grieving process. It helps to see that I’m not alone. I began reading and with every post I was so encouraged I read so far back and found myself reading all the way back to November. My favorite post by far was the one about Revelation and as I read your interpretation I was encouraged to begin reading it this way myself. https://whitelikescarlet.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/hope/
    I also loved how you describe grief as a pool rather than a staircase, because that is how I feel too.
    Sorry this is long and kind of random, but I just really wanted to say thank you for writing your heart and your real thoughts.


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