Silly Scientists!

One of my favorite past times, is reading evolutionary “facts.”How they scramble to make it all fit humors my day…it is so fairy-tale-perfect that to anyone with common sense, it is completely unbelievable…

The biggest thing that humors me, is that they continually make the world older, and older and older…did you know that in the 1950s, I believe it was, the world was three billion years old?? Now it is like what, four to six billion. Also, how they come up with facts and science in their offices, facts that seem to make sense, but then they try to make the evidence prove their theories. (Tell me, what lawyer makes up the story, and tries to make the clue fit his story? A bad lawyer.) For example, they came up with the geologic column (time chart), but it was completely hypothetical. It has never been proven.

Another amusing thing is their circular reasoning. They date the fossils by the rocks they are found in, and they date the rocks by what fossils are found in them….what??? This makes absolutely no sense.

And of course they make fun of us as well, but I really think that if you pull back, and look at both arguments with a completely open mind, creation just makes a lot more sense.

And remember, either their has to be an eternal creator, or eternal matter. Nothing, cannot create everything…and doesn’t it seem more likely that a god could be around forever, than a bunch of gases? And that a god could create everything, rather than the gases randomly exploding in such a perfect way as to create a universe, and also happen to create life. With humans and animals that have extremely intricate cells, and ways of life. And this planet is just the right distance from the sun that it is not too hot or too cold? And the moon just HAPPENS to be located in JUST the right place so that it can effect the tides and seasons which keep life from slipping into utter chaos……ugh, it goes on…and on….and on….what will we humans be next? Mr. Spock, maybe? That is most illogical!

Anyways, I cannot change the evolutionist with my ravings and musing, so I will end my ravings and musings with this.

I have faced many evolutionary arguments, and I fail to see the science in them. I do not feel stupid or ashamed for my belief in creation. And I am completely un-intimidated by the arguments that I have heard. I do not want to come across as cocky…merely un-concered with what good arguments may be thrown my way. I do not hate evolutionists, I would love to get to know them better, in fact.

Peace, and love and all that jazz, and most definitely,  blessings to all,



A Fraction of Thought

Have you ever looked at a picture of another galaxy? Have you ever seen a sample picture of the Milky Way? Of course we little people can’t even get a real picture of our own galaxy from the outside, you know why? ‘Cause we’ve never been outside to take pictures. These pictures really dwarf our idea of a ‘big’ world. They make you feel small.

Our solar system is a massive system with massive planets and stars. For example, did you know that, 1,000,000 (1 million) Earths fit in the sun? And the sun is only a little (but important) part of our solar system. So now we have this massive solar system—until we look at the Milky Way galaxy. The diameter of the Milky is, 100,000 light years (approximately 590 quadrillion miles—write it out, it is a long number!). Further more, the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy, which means it looks similar to a hurricane, and most spiral galaxies have at least three main arms. Did you know our solar system is at the end of one of the Milky’s arms? That means our solar system is but a fraction of the Milky Way galaxy.

Can you guess where I’m going next? You guessed it! I’m going further then the Milky; I’m going to infinity—and beyond!

How many galaxies do you think there are? Well, not even the most intelligent rocket scientist knows that. Have you ever heard of Andromeda? It’s a BIGGER galaxy then the Milky. Andromeda and the Milky are the two largest of about twenty galaxies clustered in a group known as, the Local Group. And it is believed that our Local Group is part of a larger cluster known as a supercluster, and that the universe is filled with superclusters.

Looking through his most powerful telescopes, man can see galaxies billions of light years away, but the edge of the universe is nowhere in sight. The total number of galaxies in the known universe is presently estimated to greatly exceed one hundred billion.

So now what do you think? Zoom out for a minute—further out—uh still further! Take a look, see those itty bitty little spots are Andromeda and the Milky Way. And see this; these are quadrillions of other superclsters. And each supercluster has millions of galaxies—and look! It never ends! You can fly 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 of light years away, and still go on. The universe has no end. (No wonder God took a rest on the seventh day!!)

We will zoom out further, till the superclusters are little itty bitty spots. Now you’re thinking, “So this is God’s view, eh?” Well, he’s even farther out still, but we can’t go that far, our imaginations would explode. But this distance will do.

Now, see if you can find—out of all those spots called superclusters—our supercluster. And then see if you can find the Local Group? Then the Milky Way? Then our solar system, then finally Earth? Can you do that from way out here? I don’t think so!!!

Now look at it this way, God’s view is way out there, so far out that we with our mortal eyes can’t even see our suppercluster. But God has good eyesight. From that view, then move to earth. You definitely can’t see that little planet from out there. There are more then 6 billion people on Earth. There are more then 600 people in my family! And—here is an extremely moving thought—from God’s view way up there, with all these infinite number of superclusters, and six billion people—God loves me? God pays attention to ME? Who am I? Six billion + other, cooler people, besides all those other planets and galaxies and stars, and oofta! He cares about me? Little ole me? Me? Why? Why me? I don’t get it God? You have many places to focus your attention to, other then Earth! And even then, there are more perfect people! There are smarter, wiser, better people out there, and you would care for me? And die for me! It’s too much! I can’t take it! Why a wretch like me? Why waste your time? You could be giving someone or something else double time!

Isn’t that amazing? What an extremely, enormously, huge, wonderful, awesome thought? That God would love me and you! We’re just fractions of the country, let alone the world, let alone the solar system, let alone the galaxy, let alone the Local Group, let alone the supercluster, let alone the quadrillions of superclusters, let alone THE UNIVERSE! Out of all that, God would notice me……

“Amazing Grace—how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now I see.”

The majority of my information came from, A Beka Book 8th grade science, Matter & Motion, in God’s Universe.

Imagine if this huge galaxy was a really really small dot? And then picture quadrillions of other galaxies. All around it? One MASSIVE universe.

Imagine if this huge galaxy was a really really small dot? And then picture quadrillions of other galaxies. All around it? One MASSIVE universe.